I am an Italian photographer and writer. My approach to photography was in 2008, when I graduated in Science of Cultural Heritage at the University of Trento and then becoming an author of texts and images.
My interest is centered on the processes by which relationships are constructed. Each element, whether natural or architectural, individual or collective, is caused or influenced by what is next to it. It is the relationships between things, as well as the things themselves, that constitute the foundations of complex systems such as landscapes, social contexts, and the urban fabric.
My research starts here. I approach each subject by observing the dialogue and the conflicts that it establishes with the surrounding environment, listening and asking questions that guide me in the composition not only of the shot, but also of the narrative structure in which to insert it.
Each of my projects has a story at its center representing what often lies outside or beyond the shot: tensions and distensions, points of contact and friction between subjects that live together and interact within the same reality.

2022. Poop, art recidency, writing, photography
2021-2022. Uniti da ciò che separa, photography
2020-2021. Covisioni, photography (collective project)
2019. World in progress, Exhibitions, interactive installation
2018. Lands of wind, fire and solitude, writing and photography
2016-2018. Dolomites Stories, writing and photography
2013. Il Brenta – The Great Trails of the World Heritage Dolomites, video, photography, writing
2012-2020. Wabi Sabi, photography
2010-2012. Unesco in bici, documentary, website
2009. Esco a fare 46 passi, documentary

2022. Poop, Portiolo Po art recidency
2022. United by What separates, collective exhibition, New Post Photography Award, Mia Photo Fair, Milano
2021. Covisioni, collective exhibition, SIFEST, Savignano sul Rubicone
2021. Covisioni, collective exhibition, festival Grenze, Bastione delle Maddalene, Verona
2020. Wabi Sabi, Floricoltura Schullian, Bolzano
2020. Dolomites Stories, Grenze festival, Arsenali fotografici, Verona.
2019. Essenza, Floriculture Roncador, Mezzolombardo
2019. World in progress, Centro Trevi, Bolzano

2022. New Post Photography, MIA photo fair, Milano.

2021. Covisioni, A collective view on changing human relations after quarantine in Italy, Selfself books
2013. Il Brenta – The Great Trails of the World Heritage Dolomites, with scientific content edited by Efrem Ferrari, Curcu & Genovese Editore, Trento.