The Eddie Adams Workshop XXXVI Experience

October 6-10 2023

The Eddie Adams Workshop is an experience created in 1988 by Eddie Adams, an American photographer who has photographed numerous world conflicts and film and music stars and won numerous awards, including the Pulitzer Prize.

In the late 1980s, he bought an old, dilapidated ranch in the Catskills mountains in upstate New York, renovated it and began inviting photographers from around the world for a few days each year to share experiences, inspiration and visions.

I attended the XXXVI edition of EAW with 99 other people, and these are some pictures of the experience. The days were more than intense, filled with meetings, feedback and presentations. Our team leaders pushed me and my teammates to work independently but in a collaborative spirit, reviewed and edited our work, and took care of us by constantly encouraging us to do better.

The entire organization team, which is incredibly well coordinated and efficient, is made of passionate volunteers and photographers who have participated in the workshop in past editions. From meals to transportation, assignments to portfolio reviews, these people handled everything for four days with extreme kindness and helpfulness. Thanks to their contribution and that of all the participants, I felt part of a family for almost a week, a group of over 160 people as passionate about photography as I am.

During the introductory call, the first words of my team leader, Dan Winters, were, “If you have been admitted to this workshop, your talent has already been proven. You don’t have to show anything. Open your heart, be kind and ready to step out of your comfort zone, leave your ego out the door, and you will take home one of the most formative and beautiful experiences of your life as photographers and as human beings.”
So it was.

I know it is not possible, but I would like to thank every single person with whom I spoke and made a small or large conversation during EAW:

My pink teammates:
Maria Magdalena Arréllaga
Abbygail Coston
Yoav Erteschik
Cassandra Klos
Jagoda Lasota
Manuel Orbegozo
Wolfgang Schwan
Carlos Folgoso Sueiro
Tom Videlo

Team leader
Dan Winters
Team editor
Meghan Petersen
The team producer
Julianne Varacchi
The team IT
Pete Kiehart

my roommates David Rodriguez Munoz and Juan Luis Rod, all the other photographers present, the photo editors, the portfolio readers, and of course, the members of the black team, the organisational team.

A special thanks goes to Kevin Wurm, for his kindness, sensitivity and for giving me his first portfolio review. Many more will come.

To all of you, if I talked a little too much, or laughed a little too much, I was just happy.